Most of our Bassets have been flown to us and imported from other countries. We have carefully selected our Bassets so that we can produce nothing but the healthiest puppies for you to add to your family. We also strive to produce show and breeding quality puppies . All our Bassets are genetically tested so that we can produce the healthiest puppies possible.

Pricing is between $1550 - $1850 depending on whom is bred with who. Full Akc will be given at my discretion.

The above figures can change . The above figures are also based on Pet pricing. If you are interested in Full, Akc breeding/show rights, please message me and we will discuss this. I very rarely give Full breeding rights . You must be an established breeder and I absolutely will require vet references. 

If you are interested in a puppy, please send me your e-mail and I will forward you a puppy agreement to look over. 

I do NOT let my puppies go to homes where they are not included as part of the family. If you plan on keeping your puppy outside on a chain, locked in a cage or kennel, please do NOT message me. These Bassets are my life and I want them to go to the best homes possible.