I personally may be a bit biased but I do believe that Basset Hounds are among the most pleasant natured and easy going of all the breeds there are.
Almost all are reliably good-natured, sociable, and peaceful with  everyone, including strangers, children, and other pets as well.

However, the Basset Hound is not necessarily the easiest breed to live with or train ! Many people are very surprised when encountering a Basset Hound at how bulky and heavy the breed is. They may be short -legged, but Bassets can weigh 50 or 60 pounds and they do need moderate amount of daily exercise to stay fit.

Please keep in mind, Basset Hounds must be in a fenced in area or on a leash at all times. This is a hunting hound with a very good nose and always ready for a chase ! "Come here" is not a command that Basset Hounds are eager to obey. Bassets are stubborn and very slow to obey, the Basset Hound can exhibit an amusing sence of humor while doing his own thing. Consistent obedience training that includes praise and ESPECIALLY food rewards seems to help. Basset Hounds live for food and be forewarned that their reach does include countertops when they stand on their hind legs . (Trust me, my dozen donuts didn't last long ).

Basset Hounds bay and do howl , especially when they are bored. and they can be notoriously slow to housebreak so, you must have PLENTY of patience.

1. STUBBORNNESS. Basset Hounds are independent thinkers who don't particularly care about pleasing you. Most Basset Hounds are stubborn and can be manipulative. Make sure they are shown CONSISTENCY!

2 .PROVIDING ENOUGH EXERCISE. Basset Hounds don't need to run for miles but they do need more exercise than just a typical slow walk. Basset Hounds who do not have room to run and play will become obese, which puts stress on their bones and joints and will cause health problems down the line.

3. HOUSEBREAKING.Basset Hounds tend to resist being told what to do and when, and housebreaking is  NO exception. Expect 4-6 months of consistent crate training . (I have already started the potty training when they are ready to leave here ) I have had very good results with this .

4. SHEDDING AND ODOR. For such a shorthaired dog, Basset Hounds shed much more than you may think. Their short coarse hair comes off on your hands when you pet them, and will stich to clothing, furniture and carpeting. (I have wood floors and you should plan on vacuuming a few times a day) Also note that Basset Hounds have a distinctive "hound doggy" odor to their skin and coat.

5. SLOBBERING. Many Basset Hounds slobber and drool, especially after eating and drinking.

6. CHRONIC HEALTH  PROBLEMS. Because of poor breeding practices, along with their long body, long ears, and loose skin, Basset Hounds suffer more than their share of bone and joint problems, and ear problems, and some skin diseases.( I, thus far have had NO problems )