Our Front View

We are a family who absolutely LOVE Basset Hounds. We live just outside a small town called Hillsboro, West Virginia. We are within just a few miles of The Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. We chose this spot to build our home  in 2010 with our dogs in mind. We purchased 16 acres in the middle of the woods, on top of the mountain and built . We wanted privacy and lots of room for our dogs to be able to run and play. We are NOT a kennel. Our dogs have a very large fenced in yard and have access to come in and out of our home via a doggy door. All our puppies are born and raised inside our home. Each and every one of our puppies are handled on a daily basis. We welcome you to our home to visit. 

We on occasion may have puppies available. 

A little snow

Summer time !